2021/22 Whitewater Range

NZWA are the exclusive distributors of Titan Kayaks in New Zealand. We have whitewater specialty kayaks designed by our team paddlers.

The Nymph $1950.00 NZD (out of stock)

The Nymph is a true paddlers passion project. Created by the Titan Design Team (a group of professional athletes and designers from across 7 countries) the Nymph is a classic river-play style kayak refined for performance. A true beginner to advanced boat the Nymph rolls with ease and is forgiving on its edges. It’s refined rails and surf style hull make carving down the rapids and surfing waves a dream while the slicey tail makes stern squirts, rock splats and down river play fun and easy to learn even for beginners. As you progress to more advanced you’ll notice the increased bow rocker keeps you high & dry in the water and skipping away from drops, the longer water line increases your speed, while the slicey tail and quick edge to edge transitioning makes the Nymph extremely manoeuvrable and quick to turn.

Fitted with climbing grade full metal handles, expandable bulk head, Reactor Outfitting and 3-Way Hip Flex System the already super comfortable seat also hugs into your hips as you tighten your back band giving you unparalleled support and contact with your kayak.

LENGTH: 274CM / 8’11.8″
WIDTH: 65CM / 25.6″
HEIGHT: 34CM / 13.3″
WEIGHT: 22KG / 48.5LBS
WEIGHT RANGE: 60-105KG / 130-232LBS

The Dragon
$2150.00 NZD

The long-awaited Dragon is born after having spent the better part of five years in development with our international team. The Dragon is our vision of the ‘one boat to rule them all’ Creeker. Current creek boat designs sit in two categories; the slow & easy, or the faster yet harder/less forgiving boat. The Dragon, on the other hand, sacrifices nothing in its design and has the best of it all. Designed to be on top of the water, fast, dynamic, and still forgiving enough so it has your back when things get spicy or you miss that crucial stroke. It’s easy to roll, easy to boof, it turns quickly and it will help you dominate your way down your local run or the biggest rapids and expeditions on earth.

Keeping comfort and safety as our primary objective the Dragon is fitted with full climbing-grade metal handles, expandable bulkhead and the Reactor Outfitting. Enter the Dragon….

LENGTH: 268CM / 8’8″
WIDTH: 68CM / 26″
HEIGHT: 42CM / 16.5″
WEIGHT RANGE: 65-115KG / 143-253LBS

new zealand whitewater academy

Demos available upon request, at the put in of the Kaituna River!

Whitewater kayaks available for rent at $50 per day

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