Intermediate Courses

The Next Step; Beginner to Intermediate Class 2 & 3

The Next Step, 3 Day Intermediate Whitewater Course – $899

Available Course Dates;
December – 16th/17th/18th
January – 20th/21st/22nd
March – 3rd/4th/5th

Kaituna River (below Trout Pool Falls and control gates to Kaituna Cascades rafting base)/ Tarawera River/ Rangitaiki River (Aniwhenua Section)/ Mohaka River/ Wairoa River (Mid Section)/ Tongariro River (Access 10)


  • Reiterate every aspect of the Intro to Whitewater course in more detail. If this is your first course with us, we will go over the content of the Beginner course, with added content related to class 3 including; downriver navigation techniques, s-turns, eddy hopping, eddy identification and more advanced angles of entry to and exit from eddies.
  • More advanced river signals.
  • Overview of the new equipment you will use and need; life jacket with rescue belt/quick release, carabiners, slings, prusiks and appropriate footwear.
  • Intermediate paddling techniques: bow draws, feathering, sculling, bracing, ruddering.
  • Move onto faster moving water and stronger eddy lines.
  • Surfing standing waves.
  • Boofing.
  • Scouting rapids, identifying hazards and picking a line.
  • Running sufficient safety on bigger rapids/rolling cover/downstream cover.
  • Intermediate throw bag skills.
  • How to retrieve a pinned kayak.
  • Overview of group techniques to walk across the river in fast flow.
  • Swimming in class 2-3 whitewater.
  • Wet exit with an emphasis on self rescue; swimming with kayak and paddle
  • Intermediate teamwork techniques on a river.

Let us know what you want to do and how many people you are, we can design a custom course that suits you, your team and your abilities.

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