All of NZWA’s whitewater workshops are very flexible, our mission is to cater to everybody’s individual paddling needs and skill levels. Our courses are designed to be fun and educational for all ages, 13 years and beyond!

– All of NZWA’s courses cater to your specific paddling abilities, and are designed to progress your paddling skills in the safest and most controlled way possible.

– All of NZWA’s courses include at least 20 minutes of β€˜classroom’ time (don’t worry, our classrooms are next to the river, not crammed indoors!!) where we discuss the importance of river safety plus how to identify and manage hazards. 

– All of NZWA’s course prices include gear and kayak rental. In our experience, jumping into many different sizes and types of kayak greatly improves your paddling overall, so feel free to try out as many as you like from our ever growing fleet! Please note that we don’t offer discounts for having your own gear.

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