Epic Tandem Kayak Tours

Grade 4/5 Tandem whitewater kayaking down the one and only Kaituna River in Rotorua, New Zealand!

Our Price – $249 per person

NZWA offers tandem kayak trips to anyone who  wants to experience the amazing world of whitewater, head-on, for themselves or side-by-side with friends. No prior experience is required! In fact, this tour is the BEST whitewater kayaking excursion in the world for someone with no experience. Sign up and let us take you on a one-on-one trip down the famous Kaituna River, off the worlds highest commercially kayaked waterfall and through 14 exciting rapids – all through an amazing river gorge, surrounded by subtropical native forest. (Average trip time is 45 minutes to one hour on the water.)

Tandem kayak tours are 1:1 ratio, (one instructor per one client) and include an additional kayaker alongside the tour for extra safety. We can accommodate four clients per trip – perfect for couples or groups of friends wanting to take on the river together! (Max weight 95 kg)  

Tandem kayaking is a niche/specialty activity compared to traditional rafting trips in the area. There is nowhere else in the world that you can tandem kayak a river like this! Our ‘Epic Tandem Kayak Tour’ is the most hands-on, head-first approach to conquering the mighty Kaituna River.

Tandem Kayaking Tutea Falls (7m)

Tandem kayak tours are a lost art of the Kaituna, we intend to bring them back in full force! The first tandem kayak trips took place in the 1990s and were run by Keith Hughes, the first person to offer commercial trips on the Kaituna River. Since then, only a handful of commercial trips have been run by various providers. NZWA is bringing tandem kayak tours back into the spotlight with the most up-to-date equipment for our customers, top-of-the-line media and photo packages to capture your adventure and, most importantly, friendly and experienced guides to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable trip down the river.

Tandem Kayak Media Packages

  1. Professional Photos ($60) – We hire a professional photographer to take photos of your tour
  2. Tour Reel ($50) – A 1:30 minute GoPro edit, with music, custom NZWA Graphics & video footage from a choice of; your helmet, your guide’s helmet or the front of the kayak.Β 
  3. The NZWA Social Media Bonanza ($99)Β  – Professional Photos + NZWA Tour Reel (best value)

We are a GoPro friendly company, and we encourage you to bring your camera along to document the fun!

Important Information
– Please allow 24 hours for your custom video and/or professional photos to be uploaded to you.
– We will only provide custom videos with footage from our own cameras.
NZWA will take no responsibility for the loss of a customers camera, please bring your own camera at your own risk. Β 

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