School Programs

“Inspiring and educating the new generation of kayakers”

Adventure education is a platform to create positive personal change, and creates opportunities for social and personal development. Whitewater kayaking is a fantastic way to expand and build upon your existing Outdoor Education programs at your school. The skills developed in whitewater kayaking are transferable to all aspects of outdoor education and are valuable lifelong learnings. These skills will enable your students to overcome adversity and will help them become independent and resilient leaders in New Zealand’s competitive outdoor industry.
Learning on and in the rivers, lakes and forests of our beautiful country supports engagement and success for students. The experience revolves around being in an exciting, dynamic, visually stunning and fun environment which can have an everlasting impact on them. The natural environment provides the arena in which our students are free to examine new roles, to gain control of their lives through self-sufficiency and face the direct consequences of their actions.

NZWA will give your students a safe and positive place to learn and provide the opportunity to stand up and take leadership among their peers. Our programs are focused on social development, with learning opportunities for your students that progress throughout NCEA levels 1, 2 & 3.

“Using the dynamic, stunning, and natural environment, our world-
class kayak instructors will build your students skills, knowledge, and well-

– New Zealand Whitewater Academy is a nationally certified adventure activity provider through Adventure Mark.

-All of our staff are nationally qualified instructors, are internationally experienced in the field and hold current outdoor first aid certifications.

-NZWA will provide the best up-to-date river and safety equipment.

-We are very flexible. All of our programmes at NZWA can be consolidated into more, or less days depending on your school’s requirements.  

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